After more than 5 years of delivering the Volcano Vaporizer Direct, I have only had a couple units come back as defective...with a solid 3-year warranty on the Volcano Classic and a 2-year warranty on the new Volcano DIGIT.

Storz-Bickel, the German manufacturers of the Volcano Vaporizer are proud to stand by their product with a solid 3-year warranty and a 2-year warranty on the new Volcano DIGIT.. In case of any defect during normal operation or mechanical failure due to manufacturer's error, they are happy to repair or replace the unit at no cost (less shipping). This does not include damage due to dropping the unit or spilling liquid on it. For warranty services, contact Storz & Bickel in Oakland, Ca at (510)-451-1553, or oakland@storz-bickel.com

As an added benefit for our concerned customers, we can also provide a 14-day Return Period after initial purchase.

*Units are shipped the SAME DAY until 8pm EST via USPS Priority Mail. Next Day Overnight Express is available until 5pm EST, however Sunday delivery may be unavailable in some zip codes.

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