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Almost 10 years ago, after attending Grinnell College and studying Philosophy and Religion, I knew that I needed to attempt something new, and so I accompanied my partner across the country to the West Coast, where she was pursuing her degree in Environmental Law. Having already taken lay Buddhist vows, the Ahimsa (a Buddhist term that means 'non-injury') Way was already a part of my life. Activism soon followed, and so began an alternative approach to living.

As both a patient and a caregiver, I found I had a unique insight about the needs of many. I spent time as part of an intentional organic community for over a year, and helped to found a nonprofit corporation addressing the needs of patients and professionals in our community.

Serving on the Board of a nonprofit corporation, and providing daily consultations to patients and the public helped to further my developing philosophy of Harm Reduction. Part of the obligation of a practicing Buddhist is the cultivation of 'Right Vocation,' in accordance with our precepts, or vows.

Providing the VOLCANO VAPORIZER at the lowest possible price to patients, professionals, and the public is a rare opportunity for me to simultaneously achieve many ends. Not only is it in accordance with practicing 'Right Vocation,' but it allows me to extend the opportunity for healthier lifestyle choices and many alternative philosophies and therapies.

Blessings and Be Well,

~Oliver of Ahimsa Way

*Units are shipped the SAME DAY until 8pm EST via USPS Priority Mail. Next Day Overnight Express is available until 5pm EST, however Sunday delivery may be unavailable in some zip codes.

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